you can feel things with tesla suits new vr powered glove
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You Can Feel Things With Teslasuit’s New VR-Powered Glove

We are thrilled to introduce our brand-new VR-powered gloves – TESLASUIT GLOVE.  Making the Immersion into Virtual Reality More Realistic and Accurate than Ever Before.

TESLASUIT GLOVE can be used together with the suit as a set or separately. It is a world-first TESLASUIT-compatible VR glove that integrates haptics, motion capture, biometry and force feedback. The glove has a range of breakthrough applications, from enterprise XR-training to rehabilitation and much more. 

Haptics, equipped with a 3×3 display for each finger, contributes to tactile sense, enabling users to feel virtual textures naturally.  

Tesla vr glove

The GLOVE can detect the movements of the wearer’s hands and use those to control the accuracy of movements. It’s the perfect feature to use if fine motor skills are required.  

The finely honed exoskeleton element, together with the motion capture and force feedback systems, find their application in robotic tele-control systems as well as medical rehabilitation.    

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