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First Look: The Kat Walk C VR Treadmill With VR Influencer Nathie

Take a first look at the Kat Walk C VR Omnidirectional Treadmill with VR influencer and immensely popular YouTuber, Nathie. In his recent trip to Asia, he got the chance to visit the headquarters of the super passionate indie VR development team, Kat VR. headquarters. In this video, he takes the new Kat Walk C treadmill prototype for a ride, and is given the opportunity to provide some valuable feedback to the Kat Walk dev team.

The Kat Walk C is an omnidirectional treadmill built for gamers, to help simulate natural movement. This means you can walk, run, jump, lean, crouch, and go backwards, and even strafe on the spot. You get a full 360 degrees of freedom, which works perfectly with VR games like Pavlov, The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners, and even VR Chat. These VR games are all compatible as long as the title supports free locomotion, then you should be able to hook up to the catwalk.

The VR Treadmill works with almost all of the popular headsets, including the Valve Index, PlayStation VR, Rift S, PI Max, Windows Mixed Reality, and the Oculus Quest when using the link. Before getting on the treadmill, you will need to put on some special shoes that are designed to help with the friction and allow the user to walk around faster, offering a more dynamic and intense experience.
VR headsets and controllers are conveniently stored on the back of the treadmill using small hangers, so everything is reachable. The Kat Walk C is one of the smallest consumer ready treadmills on the market, which makes it portable, lightweight, and easy to deploy wherever you want.

What He Said:

“Throughout the years I’ve played on many different models, different treadmills, and learned that this tech still has a long long way to go before it’s truly perfect”
“This is one of the first companies who are able to sell affordable treadmills to consumers and that on itself is a miracle.”
“Overall the Kat Walk C does a great job on giving you the freedom you want while playing VR games, it only gets a little weird”
“It it did feel like a solid product that can definitely take a hit or two according to cat VR they used the best quality of parts to achieve the most accuracy flexibility and most importantly safety.”
“Something else I should quickly talk about is how much noise the Kat Walk C treadmill actually makes, and your neighbors might not appreciate you having a great time.”
“It’s clear that the Kat Walk C has been made for early adopters for VR enthusiasts who want to experience that glimpse into the future that want to invest their money into a treadmill that for a large part still needs to prove itself.”
Do you believe that the future of gaming is going to be all about VR glasses, haptic suits, gloves, simulators, and other next-level stuff? Do you believe that VR is slowly shaping the next generation of gamers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
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Nathie is a VR Influencer, VR Content Creator and immensely popular VR YouTuber. He currently has more than 500k subscribers to his VR focused Youtube channel.
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