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The 2019 VR Fitness Awards Results

There were a ton of great new VR games to hit users headsets in 2019, and virtual reality fitness titles were among the most popular. The crew at VR Fitness Insider have an excellent blog that highlights all of the wondrous ways that health and fitness can be achieved with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality platforms. Popular VR headsets like the Oculus Quest and Vive are providing VR users a new and creative platform to exercise without boredom, even in the comfort of their own home.

It is not surprising that Pistol Whip, an addictive VR shooter game that lets you John Wick your way through hand-crafted action scenes to the beat of intense techno tracks, took home big prize in this year. Pistol Whip started the new year with a well deserved Best New VR Fitness Game of the Year award. Considering the vast amount of sweat we have shed playing countless hours of this insanely addictive VR game, it comes as no surprise that Pistol Whip ended 2019 on top.

The Thrill of the Fight took down the best boxing VR Fitness Game of this year. This is one of the most impressive and tiring fitness/sports VR games on any platform. My shoulders muscles were sore for a few days after my first go at this game. This VR boxing game will have you sweating right away and keep you coming back as you try to earn a fight with more skilled boxers. There is no doubt you can take your fitness to the next level with this addictive sports VR game, and playing tether-free with Best Headset of the Year award winner, Oculus Quest, only enhances an already amazing experience.

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