Mike from virtual reality oasis on the end of the Oculus Go the state of VR
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Mike From Virtual Reality Oasis On The End Of Oculus Go And The State Of VR

Welcome to the Oasis! In this video from the Virtual Reality Oasis, VR influencer and popular VR YouTuber, Mike gives us his State Of VR for June 2020. If you haven’t had the joy of listening to Mike break down the latest VR news on his immensely popular YouTube Channel, then you are in for a real treat. He is one of the best! We promise you will fall in love with his voice, and the wealth of VR knowledge he shares with his fans. It really does takes his extremely polished VR content to a different level.

You won’t want to miss him talk about everything from recent virtual events that were off the chain, the final blow to Oculus Go, PSVR 2, Star Wars Squadrons, omni directional treadmills, and bunch of other upcoming VR games.

What He Said:

On Virtual Reality Events…
“My highlight this month has been attending the Jean Michel Jarre virtual reality concert by VR room hosted in VR chat which despite a few technical issues was an amazing experience”
“it was just awesome to meet up with some of my friends in a virtual club enjoy some great music together and then hang out in a virtual bar afterwards maybe”
“I really believe this is just the beginning for virtual events like this as artists can now perform virtually without physical limitations of a venue reaching a
limitless audience and I think artists are taking the notion of virtual events
far more seriously especially after the huge success of that Travis Scott event
in fortnight”
On The End of the Oculus Go…
“Farewell to the Oculus Go. You paved the way for the future of standalone and for that we’ll be forever grateful”
“I had a good time at with the Oculus Go and it certainly helped this channel grow so although I’m happy to see the back of 3 degrees of freedom headsets for gaming is a little bit sad to be saying goodbye one of my favorite apps on the Oculus Go was Oculus rooms
On The Oculus Quest New App Distribution…
“In early 2021, we’ll offer a new way for developers to distribute Oculus Quest apps. This will enable developers to share their apps to anyone with a quest without having to be accepted into the Oculus store and without the need for side loading”
“Making that process easier is good news but it’ll be interesting to see if this is monetized how it’s managed and how this will affect side quest who have helped support the community so much over the last year”
On The PSVR 2…
“To date the psvr has sold over five million units which makes it the best-selling headset aimed at gamers.”
“On the 11th of June, Sony hosted an online event unveiling their new PlayStation 5 console beside Lee during this event VR wasn’t even
“We all know that VR is truly revolutionary and completely changes the game so it’s disappointing to see that it’s not being mentioned at all.”

On New Upcoming VR Games  

On Solaris VR Game
“My personal highlight of this showcase was Solaris. Now Solaris is made by the team of first contact entertainment, which is the same team that brought us the excellent Firewall Zero Hour on PSVR. Solaris is going to be a 4v4 futuristic sci-fi arena shooter.”
“Solaris will be launching on the 27th of August for Oculus headsets and will also be coming later to PSVR.”
Five Nights at Freddy’s VR Oculus Quest Game… 
“You we’re going wild asking for Five Nights at Freddy’s on Quest you’ll be happy to hear that the game has been announced for release on the 16th of July.”
Star Wars Squadron VR Game
“Another big game announcement that got me really excited with Star Wars Squadrons, which has gone straight to the number one spot in my most anticipated VR game list. The game will feature a full single-player campaign
set after the events of Return of the Jedi.”
“It will also feature 5 vs 5 multiplayer battles between New Republic and Imperial fleets which will be VR cross-platform play between both PC and PlayStation players.”
On The Kat Walk C Omni Directional Treadmill…
“This month we also saw the resurgence of the art treadmills as catwalk launched their new consumer focused on knee direction or treadmill on Kickstarter called the catwalk see the Kickstarter campaign has been incredibly successful and they’ve managed to secure over 1 million dollars in funding so far with 30 days left to go.”
“Kat Walk have actually reached out to me to review on so I’ll have that coming on the channel in the future so it’ll be really interesting to see if they can change my mind and convince me on treadmills moving forward.”
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