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Eric For President Gives Us His MOST Important VR Game Coming This Year (2020)

Dreams is the most important VR game coming this year! At least that is what Eric the President thinks, and we are taking his word for it. There is no doubt that Dreams VR experience could have a large impact on the growth of VR, and we too hope it creates a new wave of VR gamers. While PSVR owners have a lot to look foward to in 2020, Oculus Quest owners were recently given some good news as well.  Many Oculus Quest owners have been patiently waiting for a solid VR shooter game to hit the Oculus platform and excitement will assuredly continue to grow following Eric’s announcement of Onward’s earlier than expected release date. 

In this video, Eric the President provides the upcoming release date for the Onward VR shooter game on the Oculus Quest, which goes on sale July 30th for $24.99. Developed by Downpour Interactive, Onward will be the first and only competitive shooter on the official Oculus Quest platform, and it is coming a lot sooner than expected. He also talks about a wide range of other VR news topics including, Dreams getting VR support for PSVR, Facebook’s New Prototype VR Glasses, and Oculus Quest Update 18.0.

On Onward The VR Shooter Game & It’s Early Release…
“Picture the SOCOM of VR with both single-player and cooperative modes, with the main focus being it’s 10 player multiplayer gameplay. It will feature full cross play support with PCVR versions.”

“If this port is really fun really good and done well it’s gonna be
very telling the future ports down the road”

“The Onwards Community is one of the most endearing that I know of in the VR community. Consisting of a very solid player base who are also very welcoming to newer players, and the development team behind onward is the one leading the charge on creating that community of choice.”

“I’m also interested to see the draw distance on the Oculus Quest in this version how far you can see in the distance which matters greatly for long strategic shots specifically and onward is something that you will be doing quite a bit and I’m very into the sieve how they tackle this issue how they make it work and I’m very very optimistic my gut says they’re gonna nail it!”

“If this port goes over very well, it’s adopted, and it’s just a great experience, I think developers who were hesitant to take their PCVR content and go through the trouble the very hard trouble of porting that over to the Oculus Quest may be encouraged by this.”

Facebook prototype VR glasses

On Facebook Prototype VR Glasses…

“I cannot stress enough the word prototype here a prototype not product but it is still a very very big deal”

“Is not full six degrees of freedom VR, hell it’s not even three degrees of freedom. It has no cameras or tracking, no power source, but that’s not the point. It’s a show of power of how small Facebook thinks that they can go.”

“I understand fully that for this to be adopted more regularly, it needs to be smaller, easier to use, and the fashion forward has to be there because the product needs to be usable in public, and people are very sensitive to those issues.”

“Instead of traditional OLED or LCD lenses, instead they show holographic lenses, ditching of course traditional lenses and the drawbacks of them, like god rays in many other distortions. This holographic optic can hit a little above 90 degrees field of view, which is similar to the Oculus Rift S, a  resolution of 1600 by 1200 per eye, and virtually no screen door effect. This display though is monochrome though, but full color range is something Facebook says they can do.”

“VR headsets need in the future, regardless of my biased thoughts and my VR enthusiasts expectations, they need to be smaller they need to be easier to use easier to travel with socially acceptable, fashion-forward types of headsets that people are willing to use anywhere, and anytime”

Oculus Quest Update 18

On The Oculus Quest Update 18.0 Rollout…

“The first major update is to the user interface, designed to streamline
usability and improve the VR discoverability of games and experiences. This Universal menu will be accessible as an overlay in a number of Quest apps, and this again just works on making the Oculus Quest a more synergetic console, making the experience as good as possible.

“Two small tweaks but welcome changes are one to the guardian settings, which now have a few options for different colors because variety is the spice of life, and the keyboard thankfully will also now use predictive text to make VR typing more efficient and easier”

“I really like to see voice command beta now being more widely accessible, and editions of what you can do with it, like taking a screenshot by command, casting with a simple start casting phrase, and even able to be turning off the headset with just your voice.”

Dreams VR Game for PSVR Headset

On Dreams Getting VR Support PSVR…

Sony is continuously showing that the PSVR and likely the PSVR 2, vote with your wallet because that’s where the competition is. For those not familiar with Dreams, it is an ever-expanding game universe filled with endless community made games from around the world. Music, games, painting, animation, there’s just a lot of possibilities here, and this is just a pure content engine.”

“On July 22, Dreams will be getting a free update providing VR support for PSVR. According to a PlayStation blog post, we can expect VR tutorials, comfort options, how to’s, and every kit needed under the sun for creating amazing VR content.”

“What content gets made in dreams VR could be a litmus test for what the consumers want and what they enjoy, and developers can use all this information to learn consumer habits, what they enjoy, what type of VR content interest them.”

“With Dreams VR on the PSVR, Sony is again just upping the ante on being that competitor and I think I slept on PSVR for sure, for too long, and it’s definitely on my radar.”

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