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Did Superhot VR Make More Than $2 Million In A Single Week?

The incredibly popular VR Action Shooter Game, Superhot VR has grossed over 2 million dollars across all platforms in the past 7 days. Wow! That is an amazing accomplishment for a VR game at this point in the game. These types of numbers are sure to increase as more users try and fall in love with this extremely immersive, yet immature platform.

While the numbers include an estimation of Playstation VR sales due to sales figures not being released as of yet, but director of special projects, Callem Underwood stated that his IndieBI analysts were confident.

With the 2019 Christmas VR headset rush that dashed the hopes of many hopeful Oculus Quest owners on Christmas morning, I think we will see many future VR games start to break previous revenue records more and more. The future of Virtual Reality is very bright and as more large game development companies jump start developing VR gaming experiences, we should see VR game revenue continue to grow. It is an exciting time to be a VR enthusiast.

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