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Best VR Headset 2020 According To Virtual Reality Influencers Cas and Chary

Which VR Headset is the best of 2020? With the world of VR ever expanding, there are a wide range of VR headsets to choose from, and you may be wondering which headset to go with. Virtual Reality stars, Cas and Chary have put together a highly informative video, The Big VR Headset Comparison, to help you make up your mind.

You can be sure that these female VR enthusiasts have put in some serious time with most of the available VR headsets, and are sure to provide all the information you need before shelling out any of your hard earned moola. Check out what Cas has to say about which VR headset is the best of 2020, and don’t forget to give them some love on their various channels. These ladies are doing a ton to help grow the VR community and they need your support!

Who are Cas and Chary? Cas and Chary are two women from the Netherlands that are very passionate about Virtual Reality, and they run one of our favorite VR focused YouTube channels. They deliver light-hearted VR gameplay videos that are very informative and always entertaining.

Cas and Chary VR On The Oculus Go…

“The Oculus Go is the first standalone VR headset released by Oculus. This means that you don’t need a PC to use this headset and that it is wireless. Many people might compare this headset with the other standalone headsets, and the Oculus Quest, however, there is one huge difference, and that is its tracking. The Oculus Go only has 3-degrees-of-freedom tracking, in short 3DOF.”

oculus go 2020 review

“So this headset is in my opinion better for those that only use VR as a media viewer. For example, people who only watch VR videos. Someone who wants to play immersive games or watch interactive VR experiences should not get an Oculus Go.”

Cas and Chary VR on the Oculus Quest…

“This the Oculus Quest. The second standalone VR headset released in 2019 by Oculus and this headset has 6-degrees-of-freedom tracking, in short 6DoF. It’s wireless, so you don’t need an expensive PC to play room-scale, natural feeling games on it. You do have the option to play PC VR games if you own a gaming PC. And this is why I think this headset is just brilliant. It is the most versatile headset on the market at the moment at the best price-quality ratio.”

“The downside here is that the graphics will be downgraded and they will look a bit cartoonish when compared to PC VR games, but that’s not strange since those games are powered by an expensive PC. I personally do not mind the graphics downgrade at all because I like being able to use this to play games wherever I want.”

“The biggest complaint here is that the headset is not very comfortable. Because all the hardware is all housed in the front here, it can get very front-heavy. There are cheap and numerous ways to make it more comfortable…and you have do a short battery life of about 2 to 3 hours, but I personally don’t mind these complaints.”

“You can also use the Oculus Quest to play PC VR games on a gaming PC if you connect it with a high-quality USB 3 cable. Those games will look beautiful, it will be slightly downgraded because the video is sent through the cable.”

Cas and Chary VR on the Oculus Rift S…

“The Oculus Rift S. Is the newest PC VR headset by Oculus. It features inside-out tracking with 5 cameras, which makes the initial setup easier than headsets with external tracking systems. It also makes it more portable, and just easier to get into VR. Especially people who have a VR ready laptop would enjoy this extra portability option. The Rift S also uses a beautiful, crispy clear LCD.”

“But one of the biggest disadvantages of the Rift S is that it does not have a manual IPD adjustment. So if your IPD is far from the average range of 58 to 72mm, your image may never be sharp, and thus not comfortable. Anything within this range should be fine. My IPD is around 59 mm, and I can play comfortably.”

“The controllers are the same ones as the Oculus Quest ones. Comfortable and lightweight. I love them.”

“And for 399 US dollars, the Oculus Rift S is the most affordable, good quality PC VR headset on the market for those within the IPD range. It’s also paired with a good Oculus content library, so if you are on a budget, this headsetis very much worth looking at if you want a PC VR headset.”

Cas and Chary VR on the Original HTC Vibe…

“This is the original HTC VIVE. The first headset released by HTC in collaboration with Valve. The is also the first headset we ever bought back in 2016. You can buy certified pre-owned of these from the official HTC website for 399 US dollars, which is the same price as the Oculus Rift S. I don’t recommend paying this price for an original HTC VIVE though, because for that price you can get an Oculus Rift S which has better clarity. However, the HTC VIVE does have a manual IPD adjustment and an OLED display.”

“Only buy if you can get it cheaper than all other headsets, and only if it includes the SteamVR base stations, and also the controllers. This might be especially worth it if you are on a budget now, but are planning to upgrade later because you can reuse those SteamVR base stations, and controllers with other headsets too that use the same SteamVR tracking.”

Cas and Chary VR on the HTC Vive Pro…

“The second headset HTC released in 2018. Back then, it was the highest resolution headset. But by now, it does not offer much of an improvement over other headsets and at 1399 US dollars for a full kit; I can’t recommend buying this headset…Don’t get me wrong, it’s a decent headset but for that price, I would get different headsets that just offer more.”

Cas and Chary VR on the HTC Vive Cosmos…

HTC’s newest headset released in 2019. HTC also decided to move away from external tracking system and went with inside-out tracking too, just like Oculus. The Cosmos has a beautiful display, which is on par with the Oculus Rift S, and the Cosmos has a couple of advantages over the Rift S, which is its manual IPD adjustment and the integrated headphones. The rest of the specs are pretty similar.”

“At launch, the Cosmos also had very bad tracking but since recent updates, it is actually pretty decent. Although, I still don’t think it is as good as the Rift S. I do believe that HTC can fix this, which will make the Cosmos a decent headset. But there is one thing I still don’t like about the headset is the controllers. They are big, heavy, bulky and that makes them not comfortable for long play sessions.”

“But one reason to buy this one might be if your IPD is not in the average range. There is another reason you might want to buy HTC VIVE headsets, and that is because they are the only PC VR headsets with a reliable wireless mod. They all work with the VIVE Wireless Adapter that I showed before. But this comes with a steep price tag, it will cost you 350 dollars more. So only if you really, really want a wireless PC VR experience, and you don’t mind paying the price, then I would get the VIVE Cosmos with the VIVE Wireless Adapter. I would not get the other HTC VIVE headsets for it, because I think the Cosmos is the most upgradable one, and also has the best price-quality ratio amongst HTC headsets.”

Cas and Chary VR on the Playstation VR…

“One of the first headsets released in 2016, so the visual clarity is a bit less than newer released headsets, but the display is still very good. Compared to the other headsets released around the same time, this screen has always been one of the most beautiful ones to us. And the PSVR content library is just very good too. Plus this is still one of the most comfortable headsets for us.”

“The tracking is done by one PlayStation Camera in front of you, so there is no 360 room-scale tracking.”

“I think this headset is a great headset as a starter VR headset if you don’t own a VR ready PC, but you do have a PlayStation 4. But the PlayStation 5 is also releasing next year, and a PSVR 2 could be in the works, so it might be worth it to wait and get an Oculus Quest instead for now. And if you do have a gaming PC, then I would recommend looking at PC VR headsets instead. Here we have the Pimax 5K+.”

Cas and Chary VR on the Pimax 5K+…

“A special headset out of all the headsets that we own, because it is the only one with a very wide field of view. I know I haven’t mentioned the field of view much when talking about the other headsets, that is because most headsets are about the same field of view. I can’t give you an exact field of view number per headset since this number is dependent per person, and for example, someone’s face shape or the face foam you use or whatever mod you use could increase or decrease your FOV. But one thing is for sure; the Pimax 5K+ is the only consumer headset out there with such a wide FOV.”

Pimax 5K+ 2020 review

“Its headset’s strap, it isn’t the most comfortable strap, and there’s a noticeable distortion at the sides of the display when you are wearing this headset. This can be disorienting, but you can get used to it. It’s also a headset that requires you to tinker a lot with the software to get it working correctly, and there are no integrated headphones, you only have an audio jack to plug in your own.”

“I think that this headset is more suited for people who play a lot of heavy simulations like racing or flight simulators, where wide FOV makes a bigger difference. The wide FOV is fun for other games too, but for me, personally, a wide FOV is nice to have, but I don’t like the compromises made by this headset in other areas. So this price just for the wider FOV is not worth it to me. But it’s a decent headset and the only one in the market with this FOV.”

Cas and Chary VR on the Valve Index…

“This one is an all-in-one package, improved in most areas over other headsets. It uses the reliable SteamVR external tracking as I’ve talked about before. It’s biggest pros are the low persistence displays and higher refresh rates. The Valve Index is the only one that goes up to 144Hz, and turning it up to that rate is just beautiful. At that refresh rate, I see more detail and just a big difference in how smooth the visuals are. It has top-notch audio, these are off-ear speakers that sound amazing. It even has a good microphone. Plus, it is one of the most comfortable headsets for us.”

Valve Index 2020 review

“The downsides with the Valve Index is just as with the Pimax 5K+ and that is you need a powerful PC to be able to handle the  higher refresh rate in most games, and a con is that the headset itself is also one of the expensive ones. A full kit costs 999 US dollars; you can buy equipment separately for lower prices. But because the Valve Index has almost no other disadvantages, and the biggest thing for me is that it doesn’t compromise in comfort or other things to get better specifications. So if you buy this headset, you’re good to go out of the box. You don’t need to mod it or do anything to get started. And that is why I feel like this is the best buy for this price range at least. So if you have the budget for it, this is, in our opinion the best consumer headset on the market right now that just ticks all the right boxes. It’s the only headset that is truly an upgrade over the first generations. And I think if you buy this one now, it will be an investment because you will be good for a couple of years.”
Which VR headset did Cas and Chary select as the best of 2020?
“You can probably tell which is my favorite go-to headset. It is the Valve Index.
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